Tribe of Patients Review: What I Really Think About It

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Written By Andrew Martinez

On September 29, 2020

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For some chiropractors, it can be an ongoing challenge to bring in more ideal patients. Offering discounted deals via Groupon can only do so much for you.

I recently came across Tribe of Patients by Billy Sticker & Brady Sticker. Although I personally am not a chiropractor, I am a web developer and online marketer. I wanted to get this resource to see how accurate and helpful it really was.


Overall, the authors do an excellent job presenting modern day digital tactics for getting more ideal patients. They spend a good amount of time talking about:

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing principles from past gurus
  • The right way to present your new patient offers
  • The benefits of using video content
  • How to use Facebook to your advantage
  • And other tips for building your authority and perceived value

These are the book chapters:

Part 1
Chapter 1:
The Time Is Now
Chapter 2: Stop Focusing on Leads
Chapter 3: Marketing Fundamentals
Chapter 4: The Problem With the “$21 Facebook Offer”

Part 2
Chapter 5: Building Authority With Videos
Chapter 6: Professional vs. iPhone Videos
Chapter 7: How to Drastically Increase Show-Up Rates
Chapter 8: Leverage the Power of Retargeting
Chapter 9: The Perfect Patient Tribe Turbine

What I Liked

Here is what I enjoyed most from reading this book:

  • The relevant quotes on almost every other page
  • How the authors truly have a passion for the chiropractic profession
  • Each chapter is to the point and action oriented (no fluff)
  • The bonus content (you have to get the book to gain access)
  • The overall emphasis on using Facebook and other digital tactics to your advantage

What I Disliked

I only have a few gripes about this book:

  • No mention of how a website and search engine optimization (SEO) fit into the big picture of the success of your private practice
  • Some readers may not care for the upsell to the authors’ premium service near the end


    As a ChiroWebsite Consultant, I feel like these guys are spot on. While you do want to develop a solid content marketing and Facebook marketing strategy, don’t forget about your #1 sales and marketing rep: your website. A well adjusted and fine tuned website that works in conjunction with your content marketing and Facebook marketing strategy will do an excellent job in helping you get more ideal patients.

    If you don’t do anything else after consuming this resource, be sure to learn how to produce valuable video content and then develop a consistent video marketing strategy. Video content will be very effective in building that know, like, and trust factor with your prospective and current patients.

    In conclusion, although the book itself is an attempt by ChiroCandy to upsell you on their premium program, the content within the book is excellent.

    Before you invest in any premium programs to improve your chiropractic business, there is one adjustment you’ll want to make sure you make.

    What is this #1 adjustment you must make in order to really take your private practice to another level? It actually has nothing to do with your website, marketing, or literal manual adjustments.

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