The Number One Tip for Improving Your Chiropractic Business

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Written By Andrew Martinez

On August 5, 2020

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You worked long and hard to achieve your D.C. Now you have your own private practice.

Although you learned techniques for bringing physical healing and restoration to others (such as to someone with whiplash from a car accident), you probably got very little training in how to run a successful business. You probably got even less training in how to use online tools such as websites, social media, and/or autoresponders to your advantage.

I asked several experts what #1 tip they would give to chiropractors who want to improve their business. Instead of just one top tip, I wanted to give you three top tips. Here are what three experts had to say (in no particular order).

Tip #1: Identify Your Core Product

When I reached out to Dr. Jamie Richards, CEO of Life By Design Inc., this is what he said:

Take time to clearly identify your Core Product.

What do I offer? To whom? Who is my starving crowd? How can my CP be positioned as different, unique and desired.

Build a proprietary brand to support your CP.

Communicate your CP internally and externally. Rinse and repeat.

You can learn more about Dr. Jamie Richards at

Tip #2: Consider the Tax Benefits of an S-Corp

Chris Morris is a CPA who specializes in helping chiropractors with their taxes. From an accounting standpoint, here’s his top tip:

The number 1 tip I would give chiropractors is to regularly consider the form of business that your chiropractic office is operating under. There are tax benefits at certain levels to moving to an S-Corp, but it’s been my experience that most chiropractors start with and stay with a sole proprietorship or an LLC, and then never revisit the question again because they think it’s a done deal.

As an S-Corp (Small Corporation) owner, you have the privilege of wearing two hats — shareholder and employee. This allows you to bring money out of the company in more than one way, and obtain significant tax benefits as a result.

You can learn more about Chris Morris CPA LLC at

Tip #3: Don’t Worry About Other Nearby Clinics

I also got to hear from Shelly Amber, the owner of Vitality Chiropractic Marketing and Management. Here is something both new and seasoned chiropractors can benefit from:

Stop comparing yourself/practice to the guy down the street. Focus on delivering a better end result to YOUR patients, educate and support your staff, keep your mind off the news and focus on your practice. Be FOR chiropractic and the other services you offer and against nothing. Because you can see how just about anything can be taken out of context and cause you a problem.

You can learn more about Shelly Amber at

My Top Tip to You

I wanted to let the guest experts share their top tips before I shared mine.

I have examined a number of chiropractic websites out there. If I could only share one tip with you, it would be this:

treat your website like a valuable member of your staff (rather than a “necessary evil” or just a link to put on your marketing materials).

When done well, your clinic’s website can serve as your sales & marketing rep that is always working on your behalf 24/7 to bring you more ideal patients. In many cases, before a prospective patient calls you or visits your clinic, they will often visit your website first.

With that in mind,

  • is your website properly indexed in Google (in other words, if someone typed the name of your practice in Google, would your website show up)?
  • when someone goes to Google Maps to search for chiropractors local to them, would your practice and website show up there (do you have a website to show off in your Google My Business listing)?
  • do you even have a website to begin with?

Assuming you do have a website and it is properly indexed in Google and listed in your Google My Business profile, is it operating at peak performance?

In other words,

  • do all your web pages load in less than 5 seconds?
  • is your entire website responsive (looks good on both desktop and mobile views with no issues)?
  • is your entire website accessible (able to be viewed by those with certain disabilities)?
  • do you make it easy to let visitors know what to do if they want to book an appointment and/or become a patient?
  • do you collect email addresses from your visitors (for those who are not ready now but maybe later when they really do need chiropractic)? 

Bottom Line: just as you would make sure your staff is fully equipped and ready for when prospects call and express interest in your services, likewise you’ll want to make sure your website is equipped and ready for online prospects who visit.

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