Does My Website Need an Adjustment? Top 5 Signs It Might

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Written By Andrew Martinez

On December 31, 2020

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Your website can play a major role in attracting a patient base. A well-designed and easy to use website can keep your patients engaged and coming back for more chiropractic care. Therefore, it is important that your online presence is fluid and always up to date.

Here are 5 signs it might be time to redesign your website:

1. Your website looks outdated or “home made”.

First impressions matter. If your website is appealing, there is a high chance your visitors will reach out to you and/or make an appointment with you.

On the other hand, if it is outdated and far from the current trends, then you may struggle to attract or retain patients. Therefore, if you think your website is a little outdated, it is time for an adjustment.

2. Current/Prospective patients have trouble viewing your website on their mobile devices.

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. Keep in mind that while people are waiting in line at the grocery or other places, they might be using that time to search for nearby chiropractors.

When your prospective patients come across you on Google Maps and/or Google search results, they will most likely be accessing your website from their smartphone. If your website is not optimized for a pleasant mobile viewing experience, then they might leave and consider another local chiropractor.

3. Your web pages take too long to load.

Website load times play a major role in attracting and retaining your patients. According to statistics, 53% of users are likely to visit another website if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Further, a 1 second delay can reduce views by 11% and customer satisfaction by 16%.

You could think of this like a patient who walks through your front door and has to wait a long time before being acknowledged. Some may get tired of waiting and go find another chiropractor!

4. You have a high bounce rate.

Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who visit your website and then immediately leave without taking any action. A higher bounce rate indicates that there is a significant room for improvement in your website.

Multiple factors can contribute to this such as web pages taking too long to load and your website not displaying well on mobile. If your bounce rate is above 40%, it is optimal to revamp your website to best suit your patients’ needs. Google Analytics can let you know what your bounce rate is.

5. You made some recent changes to your business.

In our current pandemic times, the world has shifted online. Although you provide a service that cannot be performed remotely, you can still make it easy for current and prospective patients to reach out to you and/or make appointments via your website.

It is important to make sure your website reflects the changes taking place in your business model to keep your patients updated.

If you feel that your website is showing any of the above symptoms, then it might be time to give your website an adjustment. Having an appealing and well-adjusted website can significantly help with turning more of your visitors into patients.

“My website needs an adjustment. What do I do now?”

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